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Ideas for Indoor Kid Activities on a Rainy Day

Fun Places in Everyday Spaces: Ideas for Indoor Kid Activities on a Rainy Day

When it’s raining, children are often at a loss for something to do, and you’re left grasping for some indoor activity that’ll keep them from hunkering down for a marathon session of video gaming and snacking. Technology’s a great thing, but it can be a real obstacle for parents looking for ways to keep kids active and engaged on a rainy day.

However, it’s actually not as hard as it sometimes seems. A little creativity from you and a willingness on the part of your kids to have fun in new ways can lead to an adventurous day of giggling and collaborative enjoyment. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Group Storytelling

This one will turn kids into expert storytellers. Get a ball (a beach ball or small rubber ball will do fine), and have them all sit in a circle. One kid starts with “Once upon a time…” and rolls the ball to another kid, who then continues the story in any way that strikes the imagination. Once he or she has contributed, the ball rolls to the next kid, and it goes on that way for 15 to 20 minutes — or longer if you like — until someone concludes the tale. It’s an excellent way to stimulate everyone’s creativity and develop verbal skills.

Homemade Obstacle Course

This one’s always a popular idea. Collect some mats, cushions, and furniture that can be crawled under and create your own obstacle course. Establish your own rules as to how each child must navigate the course. One fun challenge could be to carry a ping pong ball or hard-boiled egg along in a spoon as they go, with each contestant who fails to cross the finish line with ball or egg in spoon is disqualified. Use a timer to determine who completes the course the fastest.

Spider and the Fly

Establish a course around the house for each “fly” to traverse. As each one passes by, the “spider” will try to throw the blanket/web to try and ensnare his prey. A fly is officially considered trapped in the spider’s web if it touches any part of their body passing by. The game ends when the spider has trapped every fly in its web. Flies can get creative about dodging the spider’s web, but the spider has to keep trying until each fly has been caught.

Jump the Stream

This is another good one for burning off some of that energy. Line up a series of small objects in two parallel lines, about a foot apart. Tell the kids this is a stream, have them line up on either side, and tell them to jump across without touching in between the lines. If they do, it means their foot got wet and they’re disqualified. Once the first round is over, widen the distance a little bit and keep going until the stream becomes a river.


Remember, there are countless YouTube videos that offer everything from music lessons to drawing tutorials and math drills. They’re also good teaching aids and can help children sharpen classroom skills they need for a career such as real estate. According to Redfin, “Real estate is a complex field that requires skills in math, science, English, social studies, and home economics. By incorporating real estate-based lessons into your curriculum, you can help students gain valuable skills in practical math application, presentation, forming a persuasive argument, earth science, and so much more.” You can also find fun science experiments online, such as the rainbow magic milk experiment.

Rainy days can be a lot of fun if you know how to transform everyday items and familiar indoor spaces into realms of imagination and learning. Look around and imagine how kids might adapt their surroundings. Who knows? They might not want to wait for the next rainy day to do it all over again.

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25 Mess-Free Winter Activities for Kids

Winter can be long and cold, especially when you have kids and live up north like we do. They can’t play outside all the time so we need some good winter activities for kids.

I use some motivators to get my kids outside, like my delicious Healthy Hot Cocoa recipe, but many days it’s just too cold to stay outside for longer than 20 minutes.

That’s why I decided to come up with a list of mess-free winter activities for kids. Because don’t they make enough of a mess without helping them create one, you know? So let’s do ourselves a favor and keep it mess-free. Or at least less-messy!

Are cold winter days keeping the kids inside? You need this handy list of Mess-Free Winter Activities for Kids. With 25 fun ideas to choose from, we’ve purposefully picked less-messy projects so you don’t have to add to the mess the kids have probably already made!Bring the outdoors in with colorful snowflakes made out of popsicle sticks.

Practice writing their names with marshmallows.

Build a snowman without the snow.

Have just as much fun making these snowmen bathtub stickers, as playing with them during bathtime.

Who knew a hole punch and paper could create beautiful snowflakes?

These reindeer magnets are perfect for keeping the winter magic alive.

Keep those Happy Feet going with this cute penguin craft.

Grab some crayons, glue and cotton balls for this cute Winter hat activity.

The kids won’t be too sad creating these melting snowmen.

Enjoy some nature indoors by creating this pine cone wall hanging.

Keep the kids occupied with fun Winter scene playdough activity mats.

Need a simple activity to keep the kids busy on a cold winter day? These free printable winter playdough mats are the perfect solution! Just print, laminate, and the kids’ll stay busy for hours building playdough snowmen, snowballs, and more. It’s the perfect indoor winter activity for children!


Switch out the crafts for this Pin the Nose on the Snowman activity.

Your kindergartner will enjoy learning with these Winter themed pattern mats.

Make numbers fun with Missing Number Cards.

Take this mess free painting idea and make winter themed bookmarks instead.

These cute stained glass mittens, are so colorful.

Are cold winter days keeping the kids inside? You need this handy list of Mess-Free Winter Activities for Kids. With 25 fun ideas to choose from, we’ve purposefully picked less-messy projects so you don’t have to add to the mess the kids have probably already made!

How about a mini obstacle course, where the kiddos avoid the pine trees. (Pictured above from Life Over Cs)

This no mess Winter themed sensory bag is perfect for little hands.

For more sensory fun, make these indoor snow sensory bags.

Create an arctic scene with this sensory play activity.

It’s okay to get out the paint, it can be mess free too using bells and a baking pan.

Enjoy more mess-free painting fun creating penguin ink blots.

Build a snowman out of coffee filters.

Grab a little construction paper and pom poms for these cute hot cocoa mugs.

Don’t toss those toilet paper rolls, save them for this mess free snowman craft.


Those are just a few awesome mess-free activities for kids to get you started! Have fun!
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7 Cost Effective ‘Stay at Home’ Outdoor Activities

7 cost effective stay home Outdoor activities

7 Cost Effective Stay Home Outdoor Activities:

With this list of of 7 Cost Effective Stay Home Outdoor Activities, you can be sure that after all the Christmas and New Years festivities and back-to-school expenses, your empty wallet (and child) will thank you 😉

The sun is still shining, summer is not over yet and kids are still kids – their little bodies and minds still need stimulation.

So we’ve put together a fun list of Stay at Home Outdoor activities to keep your little ones occupied, in the comforts of your own home. This is sure to be fun for the whole family!

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