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How Comfy Kidz Began

Bean Bag shoeHow Comfy Kidz began

There is a ‘young’ aunty who sells bean bag shoes.

She had so many nieces and nephews, she didn’t know what to do.

Christmas shopping became scary, and for the many birthdays too.

Aunty Kat grew tired and weary, of waiting in long queues,

And seeing the same things in every store,

The same brands, same linen, toys and décor.

Her patience grew thin and finding time was an issue.

So she started an online business, selling bean bag shoes.

And bean bag sharks! I kid you not!

Plus soccer balls and armchairs, and that’s just the start!

She realised, hang on! This isn’t enough!

Mommies and monkeys need plenty more stuff.

Like duvets and cushions and other stuff too,

Now her product range is growing, and will continue to.

So do visit again soon, to see what more new

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