Amber Teething Necklace – HONEY


Natural and homeopathic product to provide relief for teething symptoms and promotes wellness.

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Amber Teething Necklace – HONEY


* please note that colors and shapes of the beads may vary and change.

Imported Amber Teething necklaces are ideal for teething babies that provide natural and homeopathic product to provide relief for teething symptoms and promotes wellness. Baltic Amber teething and wellness beads are made for wearing (not chewing) when a baby is teething.

Amber teething necklaces are suitable for babies as from about 3-4 months of age. Amber’s anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties are recognized by allopathic medicine as a natural analgesic, which will help to relieve teething pain and calm a baby without resorting to drugs.

Baltic Amber reduces inflammation caused by teething when worn close to the skin and promotes a stronger immunity to common infections as well as assisting general well-being.

Dimensions of beads are:

• Weight: 5.5grams-8.00grams in weight
• Length: 31centimeters-32centimeters long
• Material: natural 100% authentic Baltic Amber

How do Baltic Amber Teething and Wellness Beads work? Read the full article here

Feature of Baltic Amber may:

Relieve teething pain and associated symptoms without resorting to medication
Stimulates the thyroid gland to help reduce drooling

Soothes red and inflamed cheeks

Therapeutic qualities helps calm irritable and niggly children

Boosts the immune system

Reduces inflammation of the throat and ears

Assists with stomach infections and respiratory illness

Accelerates the healing of wounds


Are Baltic Amber Teething and Wellness beads safe?

Safety is priority for us, so as a safety feature there is a knot before and after each bead, so that even in the extremely unlikely event of the string being torn, broken or damaged, no beads are lost and scattered so the risk of choking is minimized. Our beads are secured with a traditional Baltic Amber screw clasp, not a hook and ring.

The screw thread has been glued into the barrel of the clasp Our clasps are designed to release if any pressure is applied to the joint.

Unique necklaces Beautiful handmade amber teething necklace glows warmly against baby’s skin and it is made from high grade 100% Baltic Amber.

As a natural product, you can expect to find air bubbles and natural particles within the amber itself. No two beads or necklaces are exactly alike. As the beads are all natural Baltic Amber the colour and shape of the beads may vary.

Each necklace carries a one month guarantee on the manufacturing process but should the clasp or string break it will be repaired at a nominal fee.

Disclaimer and warnings!

* We cannot assume any responsibility in the wearing of this necklace.
* We recommend removing the necklace whenever your child is unattended.
* Amber necklaces are made for wearing, not for chewing!
* Please use caution and supervise your child while using the necklace!
* Always supervise the infant when wearing the necklace
* Remove the necklace when the infant is unattended, even if it is only for a short period of time
* Remove the necklace while the infant sleeps at day or night
* Do not allow the infant to mouth or chew the necklace or bracelet