Make Bath Time Fun with this Bath Toy Diver Shower! 


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Make Bath Time Fun with this Bath Toy Diver Shower! 

Bath Toy Diver Shower has a manual spout that attaches to the tub as well as offers many creative ways to play with water. Press the Diver’s eyes to draw up water through the spout creating a safe and also constant flow of water into the stacking cups and more! In addition… there is no need to keep the the faucet on.

Simply attach with the suction cups provided.

Product Features:

  • Develops thinking ability
  • Stimulates senses and development
  • Promotes hand eye co-ordination
  • Improves sensory ability
  • Enhances the identification of shapes
  • Excercise co-operation skills
  • Develop logical thinking

Package List:

  • Diver Pump x1
  • Pipe x1
  • Shower Head x1
  • Propeller x1
  • Cups x3


How To Use:

  • Wet the suction cup and attach it to the side of the bathbub. Ensure the propeller is at least 1 cm above the water level
  • Keeping the water suction pump as close as possible to the tub bottom
  • Fill the bath with water, ensure the water suction pump is fully submerged
  • Pressing the diving goggles by small hands and water streams through the diver shower head magically
  • Use the tumblers individually or nest them in each other in any order and watch the water run through all three at once!