Feelgood Congesto-K KiddieRub


A natural aromatherapy chest rub that soothes & relieves chest & nose congestion!

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When your child is sickly, it can be difficult to know what to do! Your little one has a runny and stuffy nose, can’t breathe easily, is irritable, clingy and won’t eat or sleep … nothing you do seems to help at all. Because their airways are so small, children with congestion can become very miserable!  Feelgood Congesto-K KiddieRub  is your answer.


Feelgood Congesto-K KiddieRub


Product Details:


  • Clears congestion and blocked airways


  • Combats high fever


  • Relaxes & soothes sick and irritable children


  • Strengthens the immune system


  • Pure aromatherapy ingredients


Breathe deep, breathe easy …….