Doggy Plush Child Safety Harness

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Help keep busy little toddlers safely nearby while still allowing them the freedom to walk on their own.

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Doggy Plush Child Safety Harness:

Designed to keep your busy little toddler safely nearby, this Doggy Plush Child Safety Harness allows children the freedom to be a child.

Safety harnesses (or leashes) allow toddlers to explore the world, on their own terms but within safe boundaries. In today’s troubled times, a safety harness helps give concerned parents peace of mind.

The plush toy, makes it fun for mom, dad and child!

Also available in FROGGY AND PIGGY

  • Designed for children 12 months and up.
  • Perfect for walking, shopping and traveling.
  • Comfortable and adjustable straps for growing toddlers.
  • Made of soft plush fabric
  • Helps keep child safe and close
  • Great for twins or triplets, and ideal for all outings!