Road Play Tape Tight Curves Narrow


The fastest way to create roads for imaginative play, display, or decoration.
Make instant roads, anytime, anywhere!

In this pack: 4 curves, 5cm wide each.

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Road Play Tape Tight Curves Narrow:

Take your roads to the next level with Road Play Tape Tight Curves.

Designed to give your creations realistic twists and turns, Road Play Tape Tight Curves are made to scale and perfectly adjoin with PlayTape Classic Road Series, Classic Rail Series and Off-Road Series.

Made of recyclable, self-adhesive paper tape, PlayTape Curves stick to any flat surface and, just like our roads, are repositionable and won’t leave behind residue.

PlayTape products are the perfect way to inspire children to invent an imaginative world built with ingenuity and originality. Expand their excitement with PlayTape Curves… the twists and turns all roads deserve.

In this pack: 4 curves, 5cm wide each.


•Ideal for creating curves on your PlayTape roads
•Sticks to any flat surface
•Easy-tear, made of paper, no scissors required
•Repositionable – mistake proof
•Easy removal, leaves no residue
•Ideal for children of all ages 3+, including adult hobbyists
•Imagination-centric, with no batteries, no electronics, and no screens
•Easily stored and transported
•Toxin-free, disposable, and recyclable
•100% made in the USA
•U.S. Patent Pending

Give any straight roadway an exciting turn with PlayTape Classic Road Series Tight Curve. Compatible with and adjoins to Road Play Tape Narrow and Road Play Tape RED. This fun curve arrives in a 2 sheet package with 2 curves per sheet.


Makes for a great gift for any child.