Silicone Bake Snake for kids


Let your imagination bake wild with this awesome baking accessory!

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Silicone Bake Snake


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Silicone Bake Snake is the world’s first bottomless cake mould! 

The fun and easy way to make all cakes in over 50 different shapes with silicone bake snake. Just make your shape on a foil lined tray or plate, pour in your mix or batter and watch as you bake your very own shape, it’s that easy.

Each pack consists of 4 Bake Snakes made from food-grade silicone in an interlocking design which connects easily into your desired cake shape. It can be also be used in all gas and electric ovens and is super easy to clean and store after use.

Product Features:

  • Make over 50 shapes
  • Bottomless cake mould
  • Connects easily with patented interlocking design
  • Holds shape and prevents leakages
  • Reclaim your cupboard space
  • Use in all gas and electric ovens
  • Made from food-grade silicone
  • Peels of cake easily without sticking
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No. of Bake Snakes per Pack: 4
  • L x W: 19 x 5.5cm