Swim Arm Bands – GREEN FROG


Enjoy a safe and fun time at the pool or beach

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These little Green Froggy Arm Bands will make swimming fun!

These Green Froggy Arm Bands are inflatable plastic bands children wear around the upper arm while swimming. It provides mild flotation assistance for young swimmers. It is important to note that water wings are not a lifesaving device and should not be worn as a substitute for a life jacket. Using these water wings can help encourage novice swimmers to enjoy the water with less fear of going under because the arm bands, when worn properly, help provide extra floatation to the head as well as shoulders.

Safety Features

  • Safety valves that suppress leaks even if the valve is open
  • Bright colors that aid visibility
  • Comfortable fit

Additional Water Safety Tips

Water wings by themselves are not adequate to keep children safe; please remember to:

  • Supervise children carefully while they are in or near the water.
  • Enroll children in water safety and swimming lessons as soon as possible.
  • Enforce water safety rules including proper use of safety equipment, no horseplay and other safe behaviors.